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Williamthorpe Club Rules

  • Barbless hooks must be used on all club waters
  • The use of bait boats are prohibited on all waters
  • No baits maybe used from opened tins at the waters edge and all opened tins must be taken at the end of the fishing session
  • The use of nuts and trout pellets is banned
  • All baits should be used in moderation
  • Do not climb over fences or walls and close all gates after you
  • No fish of any species to be brought or taken away from any site. It is illegal to transfer fish from one pond to another
  • No live baiting
  • Do not damage trees, banks, vegetation or wildlife
  • Remove all litter from your peg at the end of fishing and take unused bait away
  • Do not fish between pegs
  • Only one rod or pole to be used with the exception of carp or pike fishing when two are allowed providing they are used from the same peg
  • The fishable area from each peg is generally halfway to the adjacent peg and halfway out into pond, all lines must be in this fishable area.
  • Disabled platforms are for use by wheel chair bound anglers and must be vacated by other anglers for this use
  • A current permit must be carried and produced when asked for by another member or bailiff
  • Providing space allows non members may fish home club matches on day ticket waters on payment of a day ticket fee
  • Any member found breaking any rule will in the first instance, receive a written warning and in the second instance will be liable to lose his or her membership
  • No bloodworm scrapings
  • Except in matches all fish over 4lb, should not be put in keep nets
  • All memberships not renewed by 1st July will revert to new member status
  • Williamthorpe Angling Club (WAC) accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to equipment whilst fishing their waters.
  • Anglers who are deliberately targeting carp and/or pike are recommended to use a unhooking mat, sensible line or elastic and a landing net suitable to land large fish