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Welcome to Williamthorpe Angling Club

Angling at Williamthorpe Ponds can be traced back to when the first Pond (Pond 1) was excavated around the time of the First World war.

The Williamthorpe Angling club or Williamthorpe Fishing Club as it was first known came into existence in 1946.

Members of the club were able to fish the following ponds:

  • Pond 1 – also known as No.1 Reservoir, Woodside Wall Pond and the Old Res.
  • Pond 2 – Also known as the New Res.

The present Williamthorpe angling club caters for around 400 members, there are 6 ponds and sections of Chesterfield Canal which can be fished from dawn till dusk (night fishing is allowed on some ponds). Each water holds a wide selection of fish and offers different challenges from the beginner to the more experienced angler, the club waters include:

  • Williamthorpe/Woodside Pond No. 1
  • Williamthorpe/Woodside Pond No. 2
  • Williamthorpe/Woodside Pond No. 3
  • Lings Pond
  • Grassmoor Pond
  • Pilsley/Hallgate Pond
  • Chesterfield Canal

A details review of each pond can be found under ‘The Ponds’ tab.

The Williamthorpe and Grassmoor ponds are managed by the Derbyshire Countryside Services, They also manage other ponds in the area and information can be accessed through their website, the following link will take you to the Derbyshire Countryside Services website Click Here